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With Coinbase Wallet extension, you are asked to write down your 12 word recovery phrase and store it in a secure location. This is because private keys, which ...



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How to connect Coinbase Extension with Polygon? 

Coinbase wallet is one of the most sought-after hot wallets that we have with us today. Though this wallet comes in the category of hot wallet, it still manages to cater to all the security needs that a user looks forward to.
In case you also wish to use this free wallet service offered by the crypto giant Coinbase, then I would suggest you install the Coinbase extension on your device. After installing the extension, you can benefit from its additional services.One such service that a lot of users look forward to is connecting to decentralized applications.
As you must have already guessed from the title, this blog post is going to be all about connecting Polygon to the Coinbase wallet extension. This will help all the users have access to Polygon directly from their Coinbase wallet.The best thing about this integration is that it is comparatively easy, faster, and quick.
After following just a few steps, you will be able to access the decentralized applications or DApps at your fingertips.
Steps to follow for Polygon and Coinbase wallet integration
 If you think you want to access this functionality on your Coinbase wallet, then I suggest you make sure that you have already installed the Coinbase extension and have set up your wallet on it. In case you are an existing user, you can also import your wallet to get started with it. If you are about that, you can then take a look at the steps below or apply them in real-time:First of all, open the Coinbase Wallet extension or its mobile appFollowing this, you can navigate to the "Settings" menu of this walletFrom the Settings menu, choose "Active Networks"Now, from the list of available networks, you can choose "Polygon"Thereafter, this will enable the Polygon network in your Coinbase extensionHaving trouble connecting to the Polygon? Try these tips After adding the Polygon network to your browser, you will be able to access the decentralized applications on the Polygon network directly from the Coinbase wallet extension. However, if after following all the given steps in the correct order, you do not see a polygon, then I suggest you apply the tips that I have listed below:If you are running on an outdated version of the Coinbase extension, then head to their official website and install the latest extension updateOn the other hand, if you are operating the wallet through its mobile app, then we suggest you install its update as wellIn addition to that, you can see if your browser is compatible with the Coinbase wallet version you are installing on itYou can either update your wallet or the operating system of your device as additional solutions to resolve this issueWhy should you use Polygon with Coinbase wallet? There's no use in connecting Polygon to the Coinbase wallet extension if you cannot extract any benefit from their integration. Hence, this section of the read will shed the spotlight on what are the advantages of their merger:By using Polygon Bridge, you'll be able to send ETH and other tokens on the Ethereum network directly from your Coinbase walletIn addition to that, accessing the various Polygon DApps will become easierSigning in to DApps will also become easierConclusion: Coinbase wallet, available in the form of Coinbase extension and app is adding great value to the crypto economy by allowing traders to have easy access to the dApps by connecting platforms like Polygon. Users around the world, who are using the Coinbase wallet and polygon network can club them and enjoy their features altogether. The steps to do the same have already been discussed in the section above. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity now and make your crypto journey more fruitful. 
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